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Wonsun boom barrier 3RD Generation DC rushless motor barrier gate


wonsun 3rd DC Brushless Motor Fast Speed barrier gate DC brushless motor design: low consumption, high efficiency, no overheat, wide speed adjustment.

Working Temperature-30℃~+70℃
Power SupplyDC24V
Open/close Speed1.5Sec-6Sec
Rated Power160W
Driving MethodDC Brushless Motor
Output torque56.8N.m
Remote Control Distance≤100m(open,sunny weather)
Protection GradeIP54
Motor No - load Speed1850r/min
Max Boom Length6m

1. Advanced mechatronics Side-mounted design concept: structure compact, quickly assembly, easy maintenance.
2. Molding production: high precision, fast efficiency, and guaranteed quality.
3. Worm-gear secondary variable speed transmission: high precision, long lifetime, motor wheel design, gate opening manually when power off, no blocking, no oil leakage, large torque, low noise, can normally operation at the temperature of minus 35 degrees, etc.
4. DC brushless motor design: low consumption, high efficiency, no overheating, wide speed adjustment.
5. Hall limit: automatically detects the limit when power on without debugging, detecting the motor speed at all times and running at a constant speed and stable.
6. Curved triple connecting rod structure design concept, makes arm in a vertical and horizontal position, easy to adjust the arm balance, avoid to lift arm violently.
7. Arm direction quickly interchanged: interchanged according to different directions on construction site, reduce inventory and capital pressure.
8. Advanced DC brushless controller: use integrated chip drive, fast processing speed, large memory, good control effect, powerful function, high degree of automation; 24V low voltage power supply, adapt to global voltage, safe and reliable.

1. The operation speed can be adjusted(1.5sec to 6sec).
2. Arm direction can be quickly interchanged.
3. Barrier gate up &down signal relay switch output.
4. R&G Traffic light relay switch signal output.
5. External loop detector signal anti-smashing interface.
6. Infrared sensor signal anti-smashing interface.
7. Count mode interface.
8. Arm swing-out function, when the vehicle hit the barrier gate, the arm can be swung out to avoid further damage to the vehicle and barrier machine core.
9. High-sensitivity arm auto-reverse function (intensity can be adjusted).
10. Parking system interface.
11. RS485 communication interface.
12. The backup battery interface.
13. Automatic arm lift function when power off (need to add power storage module)

wonsun barrier gate

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